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The Afinia NDC PODO Dust Collector for pedicure is an advanced device used in the cosmetic industry, being the world’s first dust collector for podiatry. Designed specifically for efficient removal of dust and contaminants generated during foot nail work, it provides not only cleanliness but also health and comfort of work for both specialists and clients.


  • High Efficiency: The power of the podiatric dust collector is adjustable via a potentiometer, allowing smooth regulation from 15 to 100 W, which ensures effective removal of dust from the work environment.
  • Universal and Adaptable: An integrated stand and height adjustment eliminate the need for expensive cosmetic chairs.
  • Work Comfort: The height of the collector is adjustable electrically through functional buttons, allowing the device to be tailored to the individual preferences of the user. You can also use the electronically adjustable leg or unscrew it, depending on needs.
  • Easy to Use and Operate: In the NDC PODO collector, it is sufficient to replace the filter without the need to change the cartridge, which significantly facilitates maintenance and keeps the device clean.
  • High Filtration Efficiency: Thanks to the air filtering function, the Afinia NDC PODO podiatry dust collector ensures effective removal of contaminants, protecting the health of workers and maintaining fresh air at the workplace.
  • Adjustable Height: Afinia NDC PODO offers a wide range of height adjustments, allowing the device to be adapted to the various needs of users. The height of the collector on the leg can be set from 480 mm to 730 mm, and with the stand from 570 mm to 820 mm.
  • Compact Design: Despite advanced features, Afinia NDC PODO has compact dimensions (here value in mm without the stand), which allows saving space in the beauty salon.


  • Main Voltage – 230 V AC
  • Frequency – 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum power of the dust collector: 100 W
  • Smooth adjustment from 15 to 100 W
  • Maximum suction power: 4.7 m/s 380 m³/h
  • Noise level from: 40 to 65 Db
  • Energy consumption: 0.092 kWh per hour of operation at maximum power.
  • Height of the collector on the leg: min 480 mm, max 730 mm
  • Height of the collector on the leg with support: min 570 mm, max 820 mm.
  • Dimensions of the dust collector 500360125 mm without support, 500360215 mm with support
  • Dimensions of the bottom base on wheels (bottom plate): 450*450 mm.

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Afinia Podiatric Dust Collector NDC PODO