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According to medical reports, a nail stylist breathes up to 4 kg of nail dust per year.

Lower exposure to harmful dust

Prevents lung disease

Protect the health of stylists and customers

„I recommend the NDC 1000 dust collector from AFINIA as a device that significantly reduces the risk of inhalation of dust generated during nail treatment and at the same time prevents the development of diseases related to such exposure”

Dr. Marta Pilaczyńska-Cemel
Internal Medicine Specialist, Lung Disease Specialist

Breathe safely

Fresh, clean air is a dream of not only big city dwellers. Civilizational development has increased our awareness of a healthy lifestyle, we are interested in eco trends and diets. To take care of our health, we go where there is space, nature, fragrant meadows, crystal clear mountain air or sea breeze. We choose places where we can find fresh air, where we can breathe freely and not worry about environmental pollution. Smog, smoke, exhaust fumes… we have known and heard about them for a long time, but are we aware of the dust hazard in such a pleasant place as a nail studio? Take a look at the work of a nail stylist operating a nail grinder, filing a natural or hybrid nail, and pay attention to the dust floating around. According to medical reports, a nail stylist breathes up to 4 kg of nail dust per year. A customer who visits the studio regularly and undergoes nail care treatments is also exposed to these impurities, although to a lesser extent than a stylist who often ends up inhaling dust every day and faces the risk of occupational respiratory diseases and irritation of the retina.

The Afinia brand is a leading manufacturer of dust collector for nail studios. The AFINIA NDC 1000 is one of the few products on the market, which allows to eliminate the problem of dust thanks to its powerful motor. The effectiveness of the Afinia device has no equals. It makes a considerable difference in the work of a nail technician, and thus also provides greater comfort for the customers. Currently, the Afinia brand is focused on raising awareness about the risk of inhaling nail dust, something the customers of nail studios are often unaware of. This awareness is of a special significance in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, when our concern for health, and in particular for the respiratory tract, is so important. The Afinia dust collector significantly reduces the exposure to harmful particles resulting from the processing of nails, which is confirmed by medical reviews. Protection against dust is crucial: the microscopic particles contained in it have, among others, the ability to penetrate into the alveoli and may threaten health, and cause various diseases. These particles may be toxic chemical compounds, resins, particles of plastics, included in hybrid, gel or acrylic nails, as well as bacteria, fungi or other pathogens (you can find out more in the attached medical review).

„I recommend the NDC 1000 dust collector from AFINIA as a device that significantly reduces the risk of inhalation of dust generated during nail treatment and at the same time prevents the development of diseases related to such exposure”

Lekarz Marta Pilaczyńska-Cemel
Internal Medicine Specialist, Lung Disease Specialist

The Afinia brand has one purpose: to take care of the health of nail specialists and their customers by supplying cosmetic offices with dust collectors. Apart from the high functionality and efficiency in the actual absorption of harmful particles, the Afinia device is characterized by its aesthetics – the collector is placed discreetly under the table top, it does not disturb the nail technician or customers during the procedure. In addition, the product does not reduce the workspace. On the counter you see only a round grille – a stainless steel grille, through which dust is sucked and stored inside the device. The dust settles on a special carbon or polyester filter. The filter ensures that the particles are not “blown” around and are permanently retained inside of the device. The universal design perfectly matches the cosmetic desks in every nail studio, emphasizing the modern design and professionalism of the studio.


The dust floating during the procedure, is not only inhaled, it also settles on all objects around, starting from the desk, through lamps, clothes, hair, and ending on customer hand bags. Harmful particles reach even people sitting in waiting rooms.

The risk of inhaling nail dust is significantly reduced thanks to the use of the Afinia collector in nail studios. Its absorption power allows to eliminate dust particles floating around the stylist and customer, depositing on surfaces as well as in cavities.

High-end Afinia cosmetic furniture as well as Afinia NDC 1000 dust collectors are already present in hundreds of nail studios throughout Poland and abroad. The brand’s products are created in Poznań. The Afinia technology was quickly appreciated by professionals and is highly regarded in the industry. Recently, cooperation was established with the studio of the renowned nail stylist Marzena Kanclerska, whose professionalism and experience have been well spoken of for years. Her name is a well-known nail brand not only in Warsaw, but also in the entire nation. She owes her success and reputation to her passion, hard work, excellent services of the highest quality and sense of new trends – both in the styling as well as equipping her offices. This is why Marzena Kanclerska decided to use Afinia dust collectors. In the difficult reality of the pandemic, the owner decided to reopen her studio in Mokotów, Warsaw. The nail studio has been equipped with the latest models of Afinia NDC 1000 dust collectors, and the professional says the following about them:

„It is a great product, number one on the market. I’ve been thinking about bringing Afinia into my studios for a while. When I started working with the Afinia collector recently, the effect exceeded my expectations – the problem of dust that has been bothering me for years has really disappeared – my workplace stays clean after the procedure, customers do not have to remove dust from their clothes. However, what is most important, the customer and I, we do not inhale contaminants during the procedure and we do not put our health at risk. I am aware that this is an important innovation and I am happy to take care of the health of my customers, employees and my own together with Afinia.”

Marzena Kanclerska, owner of prestigious NailSpa studios

Our dust collectors are also appreciated by Paulina Pastuszak – an educator training in nail styling on 5 continents, conducting regular courses in Poland at the Academy she founded and on the online training platform, author of publications and lexicons on nail styling and program director of the City of Nail congress. Paulina Pastuszak was also a co-host of the TVN Style program “Cosmetic Revolutions”.

„Since I became a happy owner of the Afinia collector, I no longer have irritated eyes, a cough, white marks on my sleeves, dust on my hair. The effect is excellent. I searched for a long time for a suitable device to eliminate dust, knowing how harmful it is and feeling uncomfortable every day. What’s more, my customers were also exposed to dust. Thanks to Afinia, work has become much more pleasant and even more professional.”

Every day in cities, we are trying to protect ourselves and breathe better air, we buy air fresheners, we use a number of specialized devices. We turn on air humidifiers in the winter season, and in the summer we cool down with air conditioners. In order to free ourselves from smog, we have been using indoor air purifiers more and more often in recent years. To avoid inhaling harmful exhaust gases when standing in traffic jams, we turn the internal air circulation on, and manufacturers of new car models equip them with special carbon filters. Now, when the coronavirus is part of our life – we cover our mouth and nose with a mask… Why do we do it? To protect our health, our lungs, to breathe better and healthier. It is time to think about safe breathing in nail studios, and Afinia dust collectors are the best choice.

Being aware of the dangers of inhaling dust, we can see the importance of equipping nail studios with a dust collector – for the safety and comfort of the stylist and customers. Afinia is the only device of this class on the market – it absorbs all dusts with the right power. As a result, it guarantees a truly effective removal of contaminants in contrast to other products on the market. This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews of Afinia device users in social media, as well as dynamically developing foreign sales, mainly in Europe.
In conclusion, a nail studio equipped with the Afinia dust collector is a studio that cares for the health of both nail stylists and customers. It is not without significance that after nail care – both clothes and hair are free of dust particles. Taking care of health is a priority for all of us, so let’s remember about health also in nail studios. When asking about sterilization of tools, hygiene, qualifications of the nail technician, don’t forget to ask about the Afinia dust collector.

Dust Filter Efficiency Test 095-908

Dust filters are produced
with the use of P-027
polyester filter material

Classification according to
PN-EN ISO 16890
ISO ePM10 50,80%

Particle band (µm)Effectiveness %
1,00 – 1,3019
1,60 – 2,2040
2,20 – 3,0058
3,00 – 4,0070
7,00 – 10,0077

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