Why Afinia

The Afinia brand is a leading manufacturer of dust collectors and furniture for nail studios. We have been present on the market since 2013, delivering state of the art equipment and beauty desks to customers around the world. Our headquarters are located in the city of Poznań in Poland. It is also home to our customer service, sales and R&D department, where we constantly develop new products in response to market demand.

Own production

We have our own production facility located in Poland. As a result, we control and supervise the production and creation process of our furniture at every stage. Manicure tables require chemical-resistant materials, which is always a priority when accepting final designs before putting into production. High-end Afinia products are present in thousands of nail studios in Poland and abroad. Every day, numerous positive opinions of satisfied Customers appear on Afinia social media channels.

In the product design process, specialists in a given field are consulted at each stage – this applies both to the materials used in the devices (e.g. engines, filters), as well as testing finished products and their ergonomics.

Take care of your own health and the health of your customers by eliminating harmful dust.

How did we do it? The Afinia collector is equipped with reliable Japanese motors for powerful dust extraction during the treatment (270 m3 per hour). It is the power that distinguishes this collector on the market and guarantees its efficiency. A polyester or carbon filter ensures that dust is retained and not blown around (as with many other available collectors). This device will really solve and eliminate all of your dust problems. This is confirmed by our satisfied customers and nail stylists in their positive reviews.

We are appreciated by thousands of nail studios, as well as recognized nail stylists, such as Marzena Kanclerska – owner of renowned NailSpa studios in Warsaw, Paulina Pastuszak, well-known nail styling educator or Pablo Rozz, multiple nail styling champion in Poland and abroad.

Do you take care of your customers and try to provide them with the highest level of service? In that case the Afinia dust collector is a must-have. It will take care of your and your customers’ health: inhalation of nail dust is harmful to the lungs and eyes, often causes allergic reactions, and last but not least it deposits on surrounding surfaces during the procedure.

Do you employ staff? Thanks to Afinia dust collectors, you will provide them with a clean and professional workplace, and at the same time you will take care of their health.

What makes our dust collectors different?

Functionality and simplicity

The device is convenient for nail stylists and non-invasive for studio customers.

Attention to detail

High quality: ergonomic knobs and buttons, durable materials.

Design and aesthetics

Do not forget about the aesthetic side of your office: the Afinia dust collectors is mounted discreetly under the table, it does not take up a valuable space on the desk where you work, only a round stainless steel grille is visible from above. It is possible to install the collector in almost every table – the Afinia dust collector is attached with 4 screws to the bottom of the table top and fits seamlessly into the design of your nail studio.

Noise reduction

The latest version of the Afinia NDC 1000 collector has been designed together with an acoustician who has reduced noise to an absolute minimum.

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