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Afinia Basic cosmetic table – Sintered Quartz + Dust Collector NDC 2000

Cosmetic table, cosmetic desk, manicure table

from 1346 

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The Afinia Basic Quartz Sintered Cosmetic Desk is a functional and aesthetic solution for cosmetic spaces. Its simple and universal design features ample storage space with 5 drawers. The countertop made of sintered quartz guarantees unparalleled durability and strength, significantly surpassing the properties of granite. Sintered quartz is highly resistant to mechanical damage, making it extremely difficult to permanently damage. This makes the Afinia Basic desk not only beautiful but also a reliable solution for any beauty salon.


  • Made from high-grade hygienic materials, lacquered to a high gloss
  • Countertop made of sintered quartz
  • Lots of storage space
  • Drawers equipped with a soft-close system
  • Additional shelves dedicated to UV lamps
  • Very stable table construction
  • Ergonomic shape
  • High-quality materials – perfect for beauty salons
  • Four electrical outlets enhancing the table’s functionality


  • Cosmetic table available in the dimensions: 116 x 50 x 75 cm (length x width x height)
  • Table stability: 10/10
  • Left cabinet: 3 drawers with soft-close system
  • Right cabinet: 2 drawers with soft-close system
  • AFINIA logo on the sides of the table cabinets
  • Safe table transport – maximum security and protection during transport
  • Note! The price of the table does not include the AFINIA NDC extractor. It must be chosen as an additional option.
  • Note! It is not recommended to clean the tables with acetone, as it may damage the surface of the countertop.

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Patrycja Budis

Full professionalism! I am very satisfied with the products and the cooperation and friendly service.

Afinia's products are professional in every element of the product they sell on the market.

Artur Antczak

Cooperation at the highest level. I recommend.

A solid producer.

Very good equipment. It works in all conditions. I recommend this store. Very fast and professional customer service.

Marta J

I highly recommend it, great equipment and professional service! Thank you! Oh LA LA!


A trustworthy company. Great equipment and fast delivery. I recommend

Marek Walczak

Solid company!

Perfect tables. Worth every penny.

I highly recommend it, the customer service guy was very nice and took my request regarding the order very seriously.

We have been cooperating with Afinia for some time. We appreciate the company's professionalism as well as pleasant and quick communication. Their team is not only competent, but also focused on providing optimal and useful solutions for nail salons: dust absorbers and manicure tables. I recommend cooperation with the Polish manufacturer Afinia.

Jagoda Gawron

I highly recommend the company. They offer very good absorbers that work great. Additionally, I experienced very nice service, especially from Mrs. Patrycja. I highly recommend!

I ordered a table with an absorber, everything came without any problems, solidly and good customer service. I recommend!

Great company 😍 I've never used better absorbers.

Vivienn ee

I recommend !

Michał Dudek

I am very satisfied with the transaction. The equipment is of very high quality and the service is very nice. I will add that both the absorbers and the cabinets arrived on time. I will certainly come back to you more often

Santa 1

Very reliable company, quick contact and order execution. The absorbers are highly recommendable!

I highly recommend all the products! I tried the massage candles. Great smell, moisturizes the skin. A table with a fan is something every nail technician should have. The filter only needs to be changed once every 2 months. The table itself is very comfortable and practical. A thing that is worth the money! Delighted with the price/quality ratio.

Good products, quality, I really recommend it

I absolutely love their peoducts, the tables are both stylish and functional, they took care of every small detail in order to make nail techs’s work easier and every product, including the dust collectors (insanely powerfull and practical)offers the best quality you could find on the market.


Excellent tables with built-in and table extractors, beautiful lamps and various accessories

Fantastic vacuum cleaner, it leaves no trace of dust on your workstation, I highly recommend you buy it

Grazia Mollica

Excellent table vacuum cleaner, it will remove any molecule of micro dust flying in the air

I am very positively surprised by the quality of the service. The knob on my Afinia absorber was broken. The company not only repaired my absorber without any problems, but also packed it in the original box, which I didn't have at the time of shipment, and I also received a free, brand-new filter. I highly recommend keeping it that way. Good company!


I recommend 100% Afinia NDC 2000 AWESOME!!! 👍

I recommend it. Shipping as agreed. Packaged perfectly. And the product is refined in every detail.

Afini products are 10 years ahead of the competition in terms of design, appearance, quality and durability. Everyone put it in the bullseye. 200% satisfied!

Excellent customer service. Express shipping and safe packaging. First class absorber. Not like the Chinese ones. :)

Roxella RehSpa

I recommend this company ;-) Quick response, fast shipment, great contact.

The best absorber there is

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Afinia Basic cosmetic table – Sintered Quartz + Dust Collector NDC 2000
from 1346